Closet Rehab

“Delete the negative; accentuate the positive!” Donna Karan

“Elegance is elimination.” Cristobal Balenciaga

So many people believe that personal stylists are only reserved for celebrities. We disagree! A stylist can help you hone your sense of style and teach you how to edit and refine your wardrobe.


  • I want to clean out my wardrobe.
  • I have a lot of pieces in the wardrobe I never wear, or don’t know how to combine.
  • Having a stylist come to my home and go through my closet feels invasive and gives me anxiety.
  • I want to make better use of my wardrobe.


  • Making suggestions on what to buy to refresh your closet
  • Creating new looks from your old clothes
  • Reorganizing your wardrobe with professional assistance

What we do?

The Closet Rehab is designed to help you get rid of non-appropriate, dated garments and evaluate your closet where your individual style can be updated and refreshed. We will help you organize your wardrobe and show you how to put together the right looks for your lifestyle and body type and make sure that you look and feel fabulous.

How we do it?


Find a personal stylist from our stylists’ page lists the fashion professionals signed up to our platform according to your desired style. Book a session at a requested time, and we'll arrange a video call with them!


After finding a desired stylist, answer a questionnaire before your scheduled appointment so that all preparations can be made for your personal stylist session! Help us help you on what your style needs and let us organize your wardrobe.


After you answer the questionnaire you will get an email with further instructions in a form a Session Guide pdf (download HERE). Download and print the Session Guide so you can follow step by step through the process with your stylist. Also it is highly recommended to prepare the garment that you want to discuss and show to the stylist.


You will be able to connect live! With simple video chat capability and finally you will have a constructive image consultation with your personal stylist. Use a pen and the Session Guide for writing notes, in order to save all necessary notes in one place and as a reminder on all newly acquired information that will make your wardrobe blossom.


After our closet rehab and a clear direction on where you would like to head fashion wise, you are ready to build up your style!

Why we do it?

To make you feel self confident and fabulous every morning, afternoon or evening after walking into your closet and knowing how to express your own sense of style.

Duration of service:  2 hour video call

Ready to spice up your style?

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