Digital Lookbook

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” Kate Spade

You wish to welcome the new season with your wardrobe refreshed and fully equipped? Are you
planning a business trip and need help regarding your daily and evening looks? We will create a
personalized Digital Lookbook that will keep your new clothing combinations, including shoes, handbags and accessories, all in one place.


  • I have so many clothes that I never wear, or don’t know how to!


  • A digital lookbook that will keep your clothing and overall image combinations all in one place.
  • 5 outfit combinations made by one of our professional stylists.
  • Advice on shoes, handbags and accessories included!

What we do?

After collecting all necessary information about your personal style and wardrobe through the initial 1 hour video call, our stylist will create a personalized Digital Lookbook. This document will include recommendations on what to buy, and will keep all clothing and style suggestions in one place. By combining the old and the new, it will give your style a dash of fresh air.

How we do it?


Our stylists page lists the fashion professionals signed up to our platform. Feel free to browse their profiles and look at their portfolios, to see which one best matches your desired style. Through their page you can book a session with them at a specific time, and we'll provide you with the link where you can have a video call with them at the specified time.


Answer a questionnaire before your scheduled appointment so that your stylist can prepare for your consultation. We'll have an insight of what your style wants and needs in order to create a customized plan and research for your special event.


After you answer the questionnaire you will get an email with further instructions in a form a Session Guide pdf. Download and print the Session Guide so you can go step by step through the process with your stylist. Also it is highly recommended to prepare the garment that you want to discuss and show to the stylist.


You will be able to connect live! With simple video chat capability and finally you will have a constructive conversation with your personal stylist.


After a thorough research and consultations with yourself, Digital Lookbook will be delivered in 24 hours from the booked appointment.

Why we do it?

To organize your closet and help you find ideal outfits for every day, making morning dress up fun again.

Duration of service:   3 hours
(1 hour - video call, 2 hours – time necessary for the stylist to conduct research and design your Digital Lookbook)

Ready to spice up your style?

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