Guided Style Shopping

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” Marc Jacobs

You tend to be a compulsive shopper and often buy clothes you never wear? A stylist of your choice will create a perfect shopping plan and organize your wardrobe so that every dollar is a dollar well spent!

Guided Style Shopping is a great way to learn about shopping tricks, tips and secrets!


  • I keep buying clothes I never wear afterwards.
  • I am a compulsive shopper and urgently need a shopping plan!


  • Guided Style shopping with one of our professional stylist on your demand.

What we do?

Your wardrobe needs makeover with clothes you’ll actually wear? You are tired of buying the “wrong” clothes? This is the solution for your problem. Our professional stylists will show you the ways of smart shopping and manage a shopping clothes plan, based on your personal style preferences. This way you will surely wear the clothes you buy and will put your expenses in control!

How we do it?


Our stylists page lists the fashion professionals signed up to our platform. Feel free to browse their profiles and look at their portfolios, to see which one best matches your desired style. Through their page you can book a session with them at a specific time, and we'll provide you with the link where you can have a video call with them at the specified time.


Answer a questionnaire before your scheduled appointment so that your stylist can prepare for your consultation. We'll have an insight of what your style wants and needs in order to create a customized plan and research for you.


You will be able to connect live! While you are shopping via text photos, Facetime, or SnapChat Video.

Why we do it?

Because you are one step away from having clothes that you will actually wear and that compliment your figure and overall looks. Guided Style shopping will help you buy clothes in the stores or virtually, it’s all up to you!

Duration of service:   1 hour
(video call from the store through your mobile device)

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