Special Event Styling

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe

Making powerful first impressions or standing out at a gala dinner has never been your thing? Or if it has, how do you know which gown is perfect for you? When in doubt, professional opinion is just one video call away.


  • Gala dinner event is tomorrow night and you have doubts on your styling decisions?
  • You do not know what is appropriate for an upcoming occasion?
  • You cannot find a perfect outfit?


  • Ease the pressure and stress and ensure that you’ll look your best for that special event with a professional styling consultation!

What we do?

We will help you identify the perfect outfit for a special event, with help from a professional stylist of your choice.  When in doubt, or when you’re stressed about what to wear for that special occasion, we have a solution to your problem.

How we do it?


Our stylists page lists the fashion professionals signed up to our platform. Feel free to browse their profiles and look at their portfolios, to see which one best matches your desired style. Through their page you can book a session with them at a specific time, and we'll provide you with the link where you can have a video call with them at the specified time.


Answer a questionnaire before your scheduled appointment so that your stylist can prepare for your consultation. We'll have an insight of what your style wants and needs in order to create a customized plan and research for your special event.


After you answer the questionnaire you will get an email with further instructions in a form a Session Guide pdf. Download and print the Session Guide so you can go step by step through the process with your stylist. Also it is highly recommended to prepare the garment that you want to discuss and show to the stylist.


You will be able to connect live! With simple video chat capability and finally you will have a constructive conversation with your personal stylist on the type of event you plan to attend in order to gain better understanding on the image you wish to present.

Why we do it?

To make sure you’re putting your best face forward at all special occasions!

Duration of service:  1 hour video call

Ready to spice up your style?

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